Tim Crawley


David Douglas School Board,

Position 5

Education is the bedrock of our society and sets the trajectory of our future. What we give to our students today will dictate what they will give to the students of tomorrow. That which we offer them is our choice.

It is up to us.

Providing our students with the best possible education means supporting our staff in their role as the most direct and influential connection to our students and their learning experience. It means supporting the programs that have a track-record for success. And it means ensuring that we are meeting the needs of all students and identifying correlative factors leading to increased success rates among our low-income, minority, and vulnerable student populations.  

Message from the Candidate

I am running for Position 5 on the David Douglas School Board because I believe in serving my community and I can have an innovative impact on the decision-making process regarding educational resources. I have three young children of my own and I understand the importance of a quality educational atmosphere that enhances our students’ ability to stay engaged and determination to succeed.

About the Candidate

Timothy is a trial attorney. He is involved in many different areas of law including personal injury, real estate and land use, and business and intellectual property. He serves on the boards for the Johnson Creek Watershed Council as its Secretary and the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association as its Chair. He is also one of a handful of resurrectors of the The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Watch.