As an approachable community member, Tim will take the time to work with you and your local officials to bring the highest form of governing back to your community.

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The People of Oregon are who we serve. We stand firmly committed to reform our Legislature from within in order to produce effective results back home.

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From the Middle East to the Federal Reserve, from crewing on board an Alaskan salmon seiner to fighting for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Tim will fight for Oregonians from all walks of life.

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Politicians must be focused on the long-term benefits of our society – not on next term’s re-election. Justice is found in service and self-sacrifice.

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Sustainable Energy, and the preservation of our natural resources are issues on the minds of every Oregonian. Read More

Jobs & Economy

The largest banks and corporations of our nation have hijacked our federal government Read More


Education is becoming increasingly out of reach for many Americans Read More

The Budget & Taxes

We only ask our government do what hundreds of thousands of American households have had to do since the recession: Operate on a balanced budget. Read More

"If you are happy with the current status in Washington D.C., then your vote is destined to result in more of the same. But if you are open to the idea that we can do better, I encourage you to support Tim Crawley for US Senate. One of his strengths, along with a broad-based education and work experience, is that he has no ties that bind him. I’ve known Tim since birth and am convinced he will provide us with a fresh look at a system that needs some work." -Jim Gilroy, former Mayor of Cottage Grove.