October 5, 2016

Community Issues

Public Health and Safety

Our environment and economy depend upon a better approach to our health, safety and security. Firm enforcement of our laws ensures our air and water are protected from dangerous levels of pollutants and that our riparian areas are preserved for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. At a time when so many have come to our district, afflicted with addiction and mental illnesses (which is often the driving factor in the perpetration of the crimes we have witnessed in our community over the last two years) we must improve their treatment at both state-wide and local levels.


The infrastructure of our state is not equipped to handle the forecasted population growth particularly in our district. Adequate infrastructure necessarily includes a premier educational system for our children, which has stability under an incentives-based system, produces consistent results and is accountable for its public investment. Furthermore, better infrastructure encourages job growth by removing barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses, so there are opportunities for our graduates and not a dead-end path at the end of a methamphetamine needle. Finally, and more specifically, the legislature must address the severe congestion of Interstate 205. Infrastructure is directly tied to livability and properly managing our growth as a community.

Civil Rights

Did you know that the insurance industry is the only industry in Oregon that is exempt from the Oregon Unfair Trade Practices Act? This kind of behavior by the corporate behemoths, like Citizens United, is geared to strip the citizenry of our three foremost rights: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We need to end such exemptions, end corporate dilution of our voting rights and seek equality under the law for all citizens, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other identification with a protected class. Let us judge not, lest we be judged.