Oregon’s flora, fauna, mountains and rivers are at the center of our richness as a state. No one knows this more than Oregonians themselves. We, the people of Oregon, have a formed consciousness of the finite nature of these resources and how delicate a balance must be maintained for their preservation and protection.

We Oregonians also understand how integral we are in the life cycle of our state. The cattle we raise churn the soil that generates habitat for species like the sage grouse, just as the buffalo of the plains were crucial to soil re-invigoration. We understand how we negatively affect our ecology by favoring one interest over another – by protecting the spotted owl but massacring the barred owl.

We are a state that is pioneering a perfect balance. We know we have the capability to balance our energy needs with our shipping interests yet allow our rivers to flow unimpeded for salmon and river species (despite our capability, we have yet to achieve such a complete balance). We are cognizant that our changing environment will require us to adapt and become even more mindful of our cumulative impact.

The way in which we protect our environment is a local choice. We choose those who receive the permits to emit. We choose whether we want our communities to stop selling plastics and instead offer paper products. We demand transparency in government and oppose corporate sponsorship of laws that attempt to usurp that choice regardless of environmental protection or waste. Education shall be the cornerstone of our freedom. And we, the People, will decide for ourselves to keep Oregon green.